Rain, Tea and Me…..

What memories do rain bring to you??? Sitting in my balcony enjoying the rain with a cup of tea in my hand and my laptop lying open in front of me as I try to write something. The smell of the fresh mud as the rain strikes the earth bring some old childhood memories. There... Continue Reading →


The dark face of Blood Market in India

I am quite sure many of us reading this article are quite apprehensive when it comes to voluntary blood donation.  Well and why shouldn't we be. The innumerable news that we get to read and hear about the the illegal blood market in India often makes us question whether the blood we are donating would... Continue Reading →


She stood there watching the sunset set below the horizon. The sky slowly turning dark from crimson. 'What's special about these sunsets, Nur?', he whispered breaking the silence of the moment. 'It's not the sunset dear but the darkness that emanates from it', she replied; As her hands moved pointing in a direction. The sky... Continue Reading →

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